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Joining Us - Storyteller Dark - 07-11-2020


Joining the Hereafter is simple (and we're glad to have you!).

1. First, be sure to have a look through the Rules. It's also recommended to have a look through the Lore Guide--there's a handy "Basics" section up top for new players. The allowed species are listed under "The Chosen," but to simplify, you may begin your first character as any Earth land-based vertebrate aside from humans (just contact us if you aren't sure if your chosen species is allowed). Characters must begin with entirely natural appearances, but changes can occur through roleplay and Experience purchases. If you'd like, you can also have a look through the Game Mechanics guide for information on our Combat rules, on-site Dice Roller, Favor mechanics, and more.

2. Set up and fill out an account. You will need to fill out Species, Name, Gender. Also fill out "What Am I?" and "Who Am I?"--these have a minimum word count requirement of one hundred fifty words apiece. When setting up an account, be aware that the Hereafter does not use OOC accounts. Each character has an account, so you'll create an account, and fill out the information pertaining to your character. Artwork and avatars are not required, but we do love art here! After your account is registered, you will need to verify it by email.

3. Next, head on over to the Applications forum, and create a thread with your character's title, and the following information:

<b>OOC Name:</b>
<b>Character Name:</b>
<b>Alignment:</b> Neutral/Dark/Light

You can then post your application thread, and staff will get to it as soon as possible--usually within one to two days. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by private message through the Storyteller account!