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[Like Cats and Dogs] - The Hunt - Storyteller Dark - 10-09-2020

The dogs had followed Moonlight's scent, and now they waited for some sign. They milled, and sniffed for themselves; two scuffled briefly in a typical set of snarls and raised hackles before remembering they could speak, and breaking away in embarrassed, muttered apology.

But now they waited: for the leadership of the pack leader, and for Moonlight, who had first caught scent.

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RE: [Like Cats and Dogs] - The Hunt - Moonlight - 10-10-2020

The female was glad to see the rest of the pack following after her scent, solving her little dilemma of how to get the rest of the family to her without causing the few elks nearby to get spooked by her howling. Having them run away now would feel like proper defeat, they needed this chance more than you might imagine.

With full bellies and contend minds everyone would have less trouble accepting Lorne's words, surely! Moonlight liked to believe in that, food seemed to be their biggest issue as of right now and understandably so. With the harsh season they had all suffered from hunger, of course it would drive some towards desperate acts to get something to keep them going.

She too had hunted the cats and felt a tingle of regret because of it. Those experiences would serve as a reminder of what they were capable of when they were at their worst and that it was better to not give into the desperation lurking inside your mind, there was always a better way if you stopped to think about it for a moment. Now that they could actually do that, think.

"I have good news for you, there is a small herd of elks nearby. Some five of them if I counted right." Moonlight explained and looked at Lorne, silently waiting for his next words. Would he tell them to hunt or go search for a smaller prey? Whatever the case, the pale coated mutt was eager to get the hunt started.

RE: [Like Cats and Dogs] - The Hunt - Lorne - 10-15-2020

Lorne walked forward to stand beside Moonlight, eyes narrowed and shoulders set in a wide stance. He bent his head to try and catch the scent, eyes narrowed.

"I need a scout," he said, "Someone small and quick. Before we hunt we need to figure out which one of the elks is the weakest. Once we are strong again, then we can hunt bigger prey, but we should be cautious for now until then."

He was already drooling, the promise of meat, enough to gorge himself on, too good to resist.

"Any volunteers? You'll need to look for limps, for age, if any of them are slower than the others, or if they look sick," he listed, "The elk's weakness will become our strength."

And even if an elk was skinny, it had muscle and organs and bones with marrow to chew on. Antlers for the pups to chew on and wrestle with.