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Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Moonlight - 09-25-2020

That day had been rather uneventful. The dogs had performed their usual tasks, some still making complaints about food every now and then, but other than that time had just flown past them like fine sand falls through the small cracks on concrete.

Right now, however, it was quiet. The day had turned to night and the Rusthounds were sleeping. But not Moonlight. Something had awakened the female at the darkest hour and after glancing up at the skies, she could come up with a couple reasons as to why that was the case.

The night sky was so beautiful tonight. Had the stars always been that bright? Lured away from her resting spot by the shining stars, the mutt seeks out higher ground where to stare up at the wonderful display. She wanted to get closer to those small dots so badly.

Settling down on a pile of rubble and other materials left behind by the grumbled down building that these remains belonged to, Moonlight set her gaze up properly this time and just- sat there. Staring at the sky. Her head was soon filled with questions related to the stars and the dark canvas they were sitting on, it made her forget to go back to sleep.

Little did she know that someone had seen her sneak away from the rest of the pack.


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Lorne - 09-25-2020

Lorne's head lifted as he watched the white dog wander off, her head angled upwards, strangely enough. He himself had too many thoughts on his mind to sleep, so he wiggled his way from the dog pile that was his pups and mate and padded after her.

He approached Moonlight and slowly sat down beside her, looking up at the sky too, wondering what she was doing.

... Damn.

That about summed it up. The stars were like a blanket someone had thrown over the sky, black and silky with the white specks like a pattern. He looked over to Moonlight and then back up at the sky, saying nothing for now.

A few minutes later, he spoke up, "... Never really though t' ever look up."

His voice wasn't too dissimilar to the drawling bark he'd had before, his words dragged out as if they had a hard time getting past his mouth, his tongue heavy and his words lazy in how he spoke them, dropping the ends of some and shortening others. A drawl that came with age.

"Jus' never occurred t' me," he rumbled, "Everythin' I really cared about was down here. Never thought about it b'fore, but... I dunno. I think all o' this is nicer than everyone's been complaining about. 'Cept you, o'course."

Moonlight was the only one who got what he was trying to say right off the bat. And he appreciated it. If she had any misgivings, she didn't share.


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Moonlight - 09-25-2020

A familiar scent drifted over to Moonlight and soon enough she could hear Lorne's heavy footsteps getting closer and closer. Her ears twitch ever so slightly, but her eyes remain nailed at the night sky. Silence fell between the two once the alpha had taken a seat beside the pale coated female, the stars continuing to twinkle above them in their calming manner.

Once that silence was broken by Lorne's low voice did Moonlight finally glance at him, properly this time. She smiled, finding his words very like him. Lorne had his paws on the ground and his sharp eyes on the dogs he called family, constantly watching. And constantly worrying.

If his voice was like a low rumble, roaring thunder, Moonlight's was a quiet hum, smooth as honey. "Looking up at the skies is the luxury of those who are being protected by others. It's because we feel safe and comfortable, that we dare to avert our eyes from potential danger and dream."

"I wonder who I have to thank for that?" She was obviously speaking of Lorne, turning to look up again. He truly loved everyone here, they all had a spot in his big heart. All the arguing must have been rough for him, being forced to fight against those he wanted to make happy the most.

"They'll come around. I'm more worried about your wellbeing, having to listen to all the snarling and growling and all that.. ." Moonlight decided to be honest and just say what was on her mind.

She wasn't much of an authority figure around here so she couldn't help her pack leader much if at all when an argument broke out. It didn't suit her personality, having to shout at others to behave.


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Lorne - 09-25-2020

Lorne scoffed, "Bah! Your compliments are nice but... everyone pitched in. I lead the pack but I ain't no tyrant. Y'all helped out too. 'Specially you."

He nudged her gently and sighed, looking back up, "Meh. It'll stop. Or it won't. Whatever. As long as their healthy and safe, y'know? And happy. They need t' be happy, too."

He tucked his paws in and lay down, ear twitching before he shook his head out, "I'm... tryin'. Tryin' t' be the leader I wanna be. Tryin' t' be a good dad and a good mate."

"I don' even know how to go about Nana," he admitted, "We're all strangers again, even me and 'er. I still... love her. And I love my kids and my pack. Maybe that'll be what gets us all through this. That lingering love fer each other."

He rubbed his nose and sniffed, brows furrowed, "Makes me wonder what that voice was talkin' 'bout when it said we were loved. By each other? Didn' it say we were loved in the past? By who? Where'd they go?"

Waking up smart seemed to bring more questions than answers. Knowing things only seemed to make new things to learn pop up, like a tree branching out and out and out... only this tree doesn't stop growing.


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Moonlight - 09-25-2020

"Was that too much?" Moonlight asks with a hint of amusement in her voice while her body sways from the gentle nudge. Lorne wished everyone to be happy? If he kept that thought close to his heart, surely the others would see it as well.

She really hoped for that, it must have been difficult to be kind during these hard times but seeing someone try their best was also inspiring. Hearing that her own actions had helped in some way resulted in a wide smile and a wag of her tail.

She was beaming from joy! Even when she liked to spend most of her time alone, Moonlight was still a social animal and wanted to do her part for the pack. She didn't say it out loud, but maybe her actions gave her away.

"That's true. But if love really is that powerful, then I'd like to believe in it too. Life hasn't been very kind to us so having just a little bit of hope feels comforting." Something to cling to when times turned rough again, something to keep them going even when their legs lacked the strength to move on.

If everything else failed them, then they would at least have a chance to survive with willpower alone. It was a nice thought, although Moonlight found it a tad overly optimistic. Still, she had hope.

Thinking about the pack leader's words, the pale coated female thought about it for a moment. "Mmm….it did say that. It would be nice to know who the voice really meant, but-" Lifting one of her paws she gave the top of Lorne's head a little poke.

"-before that you need to stop thinking about it too much, look how wrinkled your snout becomes when you frown like that?" She didn't mean to sound like she was scolding the male, but her words came out in a way that sounded a lot like gentle scolding.

"One thing at a time, yes?" Maybe he just needed someone to say that everything was going to be alright? This mystery voice and their words did raise Moonlight's curiosity as well but how to even go about learning its true meaning?


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Lorne - 09-26-2020

Lorne shook his head and huffed, "Nah... jus' enough, I think."

He smiled as she beamed with joy, eyes softening. He looked back up at the sky and hummed, seeing the stars that seemed to have projected their lights into their fur.

"... My name's Lorne," he said, "An' I believe our love will be what keeps us strong. Not alive, we'll do better than that. We'll be strong. An' happy."

He shook his head out as Moonlight touched his head, huffing, "Well my face can't get much worse."

What with his torn throat and the nick in his lip, among the other scars and injuries adorning his coat. If his face got any worse then he'd just match the rest of him.

"One thing at a time," he agreed, "Once we're settled, we'll figger out this mystery."

The mutt lay down slowly and sighed, laying his head on his paws. He was tired. It had been a looong day, and he was ready for bed.


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Moonlight - 09-27-2020

"And I'm Moonlight." She spoke softly, pleased to hear Lorne agree to take one thing at a time. Once everything was stable with the pack, they would have all the time in the world to figure out what the voice had attempted to tell them.

He was so tired, anyone could see that. Laying down herself, Moonlight watched the male slowly blink his half closed eyes. "Has the thought of…living somewhere else ever crossed your mind?" She asks out of the blue and turns her attention to the distant wilderness ahead. Beyond the concrete jungle.

"I remember faintly visiting the edge of our territory, where the hard ground turns to soft grass, several times to run around a little bit. Now that I can think, I realized how large our world really is. There's a lot out there that we have never seen, I'm sure of it. Part of me wishes to go explore even further, but-"

The mutt pauses and takes a quick look at the sleeping dogs behind them. "But leaving everyone would surely break my heart. Well…at least I can dream about it."


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Lorne - 09-27-2020

Lorne huffed and looked over, "I like it. Moonlight. I can see why."

Her fur was whiter than his, almost a silky smooth texture, whereas his was more of an ivory and more coarse.

"I've considered it," he admitted, "Nearer to the edge of the city. Closer t' food and water. Life flourishes out on th' prairies. But we got shelter in the city, so if we move to th' edge then we have food and water and shelter."

Lorne yawned widely, "You can explore and leave if you want to."

He looked over and smiled gently, "You jus' gotta promise to come back once in a while."

He tucked his paws under himself in a way that would get him teased for being part cat, huffing softly. He sighed and set his head down again.

"We'd miss you, o' course. But if you need t' fulfill that urge ta wander and explore, then don't let us stop you," he said, "We'll be here waiting for you to come home."


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Moonlight - 09-29-2020

She smiled softly to the pack leader and laid down on the ground as well, getting more comfortable. Earlier sleep had avoided her, but watching Lorne yawn had made her eyelids feel heavier.

Moonlight was about to rest her head on top of her paws, when suddenly she looked over at the larger male. Ears erect and eyes wide open did she silently stare at the other, almost like his words had come as a shock.

If she wanted to explore, she was free to do so? It was really that simple but for some reason the female hadn't been able to make that final push in order to make her wish to learn more about their world come true.

Feeling herself relax once more, Moonlight did what she was about to do a moment ago and pressed her head down while keeping eye contact with Lorne. Blinking her eyes slowly, she too was starting to look sleepy.

"Thank you. It's nice to know that even if I leave for a while, I'll have a home to return to." She was a wanderer at heart, a free spirit. But not the kind who would wish to live her entire life in isolation without any contact to others of her kind.

One yawn later, Moonlight spoke again with hushed words. "I'll come back with some stories." That would be nice, she thought while imagining everyone together listening to what she had seen during her travels.


RE: Wish Upon a Shooting Star - Lorne - 09-29-2020

Lorne nodded slowly and smiled, "I'd sure love t' hear 'em. Go somewhere excitin', I don' wanna hear that you traveled around only to sleep 'n' eat all day. Do somethin' fun!"

He yawned and stretched out, flopping onto his side, "Jus' stay safe, y'hear?"

He reached out a paw to pat her own before curling up. He was going to sleep now, and that was that. This conversation had definitely made him feel better, though.

"Thanks, Moon," he mumbled, yawning again before laying on his side with a content sigh.

Now he was okay.

Exit Lorne to sleep.