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You're like an old married couple! - Lorne - 09-02-2020

Lorne sat in the shade, peering out across the plains, standing at the very edge of the city. Alone, he thought.

He thought. What a concept. To be able to suddenly think and learn and process things. His memories of the past seemed so... trivial? Meaningless? The problems of his past were so important, yet without intelligence, the memories themselves seemed so dull.

It was rough to try and sift through all of them, to make meaning of them.

With a sigh, he slowly laid down, noticing that his body seemed just a bit better than the previous day. Not because he was getting younger, but he didn't feel older by the second either. Though with his newest pup being all over the place, he doubted that feeling would last.

"Grrrass," he growled, testing words on his tongue, letting their meaning seep into his mind.

Grass. Yellow, green, brown, dead. Dead like the stuff under him, yellow like the stalks of it across the plains ahead. It was so weird.


RE: You're like an old married couple! - Nana - 09-16-2020

It had certainly been eventful lately.

Or maybe she thought so because she could think. It was so new and strange, yet so right. It was strange to think she'd spent nearly and entire lifetime without. An entire lifetime with nothing but the most primal of feelings.

She hadn't realized she'd been walking until she looked up to find herself near the edge of the city. Suddenly, she found herself wondering what was beyond. What was beyond the city, and what lay beyond those lands.

A familiar voice distracted her from these musings. She looked over to see Lorne. Her mate. She felt happiness but also... not. Now that they could think, would things change?

"It's weird, isn't it?" Words come out soft, almost hesitantly. Like just saying a thought aloud would snatch it from her, leaving her as she was before. She slowly plodded over, settling down next to her mate.


RE: You're like an old married couple! - Lorne - 09-16-2020

Lorne hadn't heard Nana walk up, so lost in thought was he. The mutt looked up at his mate's words, his tail immediately wagging as he scooched forward to lie next to her, as happy as always to be in her company.

He lay on her soft fur and sighed, nodding, "Yeeahp. Words taste weird in m' mouth. S'like... I dunno. I'd imagine 'em being sorta like rain. Or water. Pourin' out the moment I think about it, only stoppin' when I close my mouth. S'weird."

His drawl suited him, matching his worn appearance and how these days he seemed to lag behind the younger pups. Though now? He seemed a lot stronger. Like his spirit had been amplified.

"... Nana?" he asked gruffly, though his eyes were soft as he looked at her, "We got words now. T'say to each other. I got a few, if you'll hear an old dog out."

Lorne shifted and grunted, looking out at the tall grasses, mulling over his words.

"I love you. Like... The feeling I have, the memories I have- I cherish it so much. Really. I hope you do, 'cause it'd be weird for me to love you this much and have you not love me back," he said, his voice a croak at the end.

God... he wished she loved him back. He hoped she did.