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Awakened - Melody - 08-22-2020

Melody walked slowly through the forest. Her head was held high as she looked around. She had lived here for years but now that she was awakened, she wanted to see more. She wanted to explore, she wanted to find a purpose. Melody stopped a moment to sniff the air before continuing to walk again. As she did she thought carefully on what she wanted to do. As she thought she realised her answer was in who she was. She enjoyed meeting others, enjoyed making new friends. She wanted to explore and continue to meet others, but she also wanted a way to help them. She wanted to help protect the ones she loved, the ones she considered her friends and even those who couldn't protect themselves. She just needed to figure out how to protect them. As she walked through the forest she continued to look around.

RE: Awakened - Matchsticks - 08-24-2020

Matchsticks loved this place. It was like the Tangle, but a little easier to see in, a little bit less deadly.

He'd left his matchbox in a nearby tree, along with his rhinestone plastic necklace, and his little silver keychain--'treasures' of dubious value he'd taken from Builder places. Now he was hopping along the forest floor, flipping twigs and leaves, picking at what lay beneath.

When Melody's pale shape became visible in the distance, he spiralled to a nearby tree, his alarm calls a thing of habit--something he'd once used to warn his family of danger, but his family was no longer here. "CAW! CAW! CAW--Oh shit. Shit. AHHH you're just a dumb wolf... you can't fly," Matchsticks muttered, though loudly enough to hear, from the branch on which he'd landed. He turned, preening his feathers, half-ignoring the wolf; he'd landed high enough that a wolf would never reach, but he had no idea, yet, that Melody was sentient.


RE: Awakened - Melody - 08-24-2020

Melody walked quietly as she kept her eyes open, looking around slowly. It was when she heard the cawing of a bird that she looked up in the air to see a crow. As it finished speaking she watched it preen it's feathers. The crow was clearly sentient like she was with the way it spoke and so she dipped her head politely.

"Do not fear little one. I mean no harm to you. My name is Melody Quietrain. It is a pleasure to meet you."

She looked back up to the Crow with a smile then looked on further through the forest. After a moment of silence she turned back to the crow once more.

"What is your name? Do you live around here?"

As she finished asking him a question she sat herself down showing that she meant no harm to him. Her bright golden eyes shined as she watched him preen his feathers. Crows were such small creatures but they were incredibly intelligent. She admired them for that intelligence.

RE: Awakened - Matchsticks - 08-24-2020

Well, if she wasn't surprised that he could talk, he was sure as hell surprised to hear HER speak.

He still remembered the first time he'd realized there were other sentient creatures out there; he still hadn't gotten used to running into them. "HOLY SHIT, YOU TALK TOO?!" was his startled response--followed by an instinctive "CAW! CAW! CAW!" as he hurriedly fluttered up a few more branches. He might, as a crow, have been smarter than some other animals--but it seemed that as a sapient being, Matchsticks was rather on the bottom rung.

After a moment, he gripped the new branch a little more tightly, peering down with some suspicion.

"A pleasure-? WHY? Why would it be nice?! To meet me?" Wariness was his nature; red eyes narrowed, as if suspecting some bizarre ulterior motive. He didn't think to actually give his name, yet, as she'd requested.


RE: Awakened - Melody - 08-24-2020

Melody listened to him with surprise. She figured that if she was able to talk and become aware, it would make sense that she wasn't the only one. She would of thought that he would come to the same conclusion. She watched him fly up to a higher branch and listened to him speak once more before gently dipping her head.

"Yes, I can speak. I didn't think it would make sense if I were the only one. I thought you would believe the same too"

She gave a small smile and continued to speak.

"But, I like to make new friends. I want a way to help others, not hurt them. That's why I'm gonna to learn the ways of healing using the herbs and plants here. Crows are wonderful creatures too. Your species seem to be really smart and I admire that in you."

She looked around, sniffing a few of the plants in the area before looking back to the crow.

"I am being sincere when I mean you no harm. I have no intention of harming you, or anyone. I'm a pacifist. I wouldn't dream of hurting you."

She continued to sit, staring up at him with her soft golden eyes. Her tail was neatly wrapped around her in a relaxed and friendly gesture. The way she spoke as soft and sweet, meaning every word she said.


RE: Awakened - Matchsticks - 08-25-2020

Ruffled feathers slowly settled against Matchsticks' body as he calmed back down, listening. The wolf sounded oddly friendly--to Matchsticks; the crow had met both Light- and Dark-aligned creatures but hadn't yet picked out the differences between them, nor really even realized there were alignments. It wasn't really obvious, it was new--but nonetheless, selflessness and pacifism were near-alien concepts to him.

"OH. There's some of us. Not many! I have spoken to-" and here, Matchsticks paused, as if about to think of and name an entire list of sentient creatures he had thus far met; "...A LOT of others who can speak. FIVE, at least! In the city," he explained. Wings fluttered as he leapt to another branch, to get a better angle from which to peer down at the wolf with ruby-glowing eyes. "BUT, most things DON'T talk. We need some kinda password," the crow added dourly. That was the ticket; something to yell that indicated sapience. (It didn't occur to him that any shouted word would indicate as much, and be just as surprising.) "Anyway, I'm Matchsticks. Why would you wanna help others, anyway? What's that get you?" he demanded, in some confusion--ever the Dark little creature.


RE: Awakened - Melody - 08-25-2020

Melody nodded as she listened to him. There were more awakened that she thought there would be. He said he had met them in the city. Perhaps she should go there herself at some point. She kept listening quietly until he had asked her a question. She gave a small smile before looking up towards the sky.

"Nice to meet you, Matchsticks. What does that get me? Well, it gets me satisfaction. Satisfaction that I helped someone. Satisfaction that I was able to do something useful. Satisfaction that I saved a life instead of stealing it away. I don't care about anything else. I just want to do something worth living for. I want to help stop others from suffering. That is my goal."

After she had finished talking she looked back to Matchsticks and watched him. She thought for a moment before speaking again.

"You can come down, don't worry. I won't bite you."

She continued to sit there peacefully, watching him and waiting for him to speak again.


RE: Awakened - Matchsticks - 08-25-2020

He listened with an attentive stillness born of pure confusion. Surely she didn't just help because helping felt good-? It didn't make HIM feel great, not unless it was his family (and they sucked, now). So why...

"Don't you have to eat?" he asked, bewildered. He knew there was carrion around, at times, but he didn't think it'd be enough to sustain a wolf--he was hard-pressed to find a meal himself, even as a small bird. And he knew wolves ate meat. He'd seen it. He'd stolen it!

'You can come down now...'

"Hahaha, nope! NICE TRY--CAW! No, no." Matchsticks hopped, with some agitation (as if suspecting a trap) from branch to branch. So far as he saw it, coming down would get him nothing--except, maybe, eaten.


RE: Awakened - Melody - 08-25-2020

Melody listened to his question and gave a gentle nod. She did have to eat at some point, everyone had to eat.

"Yes, you're right. I need food, but I am hoping to find a pack that will take me in. A pack that will provide me with prey while I provide them with protection and healing. That way I do not need to shed any more blood."

She watched him as he quickly rejected her other and gave a small bow of her head before speaking again.

"Very well. I am not forcing you to come down neither am I forcing you to stay where you are. I mean you no harm and I only wish you comfort. If you believe I am a threat to you then I will not argue."

She bowed her head once more then after a moment of silence she turned to him once again with a pleasant smile.

"Why do you not understand, anyway? Would you not go out of your way for a stranger?"

She posed him a question as she sat there watching him, waiting for his answer for her own question.


RE: Awakened - Matchsticks - 08-26-2020

Matchsticks listened, and it all didn't quite add up. "But stuff's still gotta die, right? I mean, you eat meat, not-... not green stuff?" he asked, hoping for clarification, here. Maybe she was just squeamish. Or bad at hunting.

As for her question, the crow considered it, briefly. He thwapped his beak on the branch below, sharpening and cleaning it out of habit while he thought.

"Well, I get doin' stuff for family, but what do you get outta helping me?" he asked, at last, baffled. Given that Melody had already sort of answered this, it was clear that the crow just couldn't grasp the concept. It was a strange thing, too--certainly other crows could understand; the creatures gave gifts, from time to time, exchanges, even across species. But Matchsticks? He was, it seemed, a selfish little bird. Or perhaps he was simply a stupid one. "Anyway, what's this about... 'healing?' What's that mean?" he asked, further confused.